TACCOR is the Texas Annual Conference Committee on Relief. We provide disaster relief services within the geographic areas of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.


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TACCOR overview

Welcome to the Texas Annual Conference Committee on Relief. We are the disaster relief ministry of the United Methodist Church's Texas Annual Conference. Much like UMCOR responds on a national and international level to disasters, TACCOR responds to disasters within our conference. We also share teams with other conferences when those conferences request our assistance.

Our teams are trained and certified making them eligible for a badge recognized by local authorities. Volunteers without a authorities recognized badge are welcome to help, but must first go thru various background checks and meet some other requirements. To that end, volunteers without a badge may be delayed in providing hands on help for several hours.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with disaster response and donations that allow us to best respond to the disaster needs that come up every time there is a disaster.

To help you better respond to a disaster we are providing this Disaster Resource document.

TACCOR Responses In process

  • (From Scott Moore) Dear ERT Members:

    As you are undoubtedly aware, the Texas Annual Conference is expected to receive another round of inundating rain and potential flooding.  Some areas are forecast to receive in excess of 12 inches of rain in the next 72 hours.  I know many of you are still working long-term recovery, but we must ready ourselves for ERT deployment should we be needed.  Please consider this your ALERT.  This means that you should ready yourselves and your equipment for deployment should the activation occur.  If you are a Team Leader, please contact your team members to see who is available to respond.  If you are a Team Member who has a regular Team Leader, please contact him / her and notify them of your availability.  If you have access to a church-owned or conference-owned response trailer, please make sure that it is stocked and ready to deploy.  Activation could occur as early as Sunday or Monday, depending on how much rain we receive and how quickly the water recedes.  I have been in contact with the District Superintendents and the District Disaster Response Coordinators (where they exist).  They are prepared to feed necessary information to the conference so that we can deploy our resources accordingly.  If you become aware of a need in your immediate area, please notify your DDRC, DS, and ME.  Lastly, remember their is a difference in RESPONSE in your own community and DEPLOYMENT outside your area.  You do not need conference approval to help your neighbors.  However, I would ask that if you do make any kind of coordinated response in the name of the United Methodist Church, please notify your DS, DDRC, and ME so that we can be aware of where our personnel and resources are.

    Thank you all so much for you hard work and dedication through what may go down as our most active disaster response season in history.

    I will send another email if and when an ACTIVATION is warranted.

  • We strongly recommend following us on Twitter, see the link at the top of this page, as that is generally going to be the first communications method we use for urgent news out. The web updates will be made on a specifically timed basis depending on the needs of the specific disaster. Our Communications page will have the greatest level of information about a response in process.
  • See our Response page for information about mission in which work you can participate to help with Recovery from prior disasters here and elsewhere in the world.

Get Trained

TACCOR consists of several teams who respond during times of disasters. Each team has specific training requirements. Some of the teams will take non-trained volunteers during a disaster response and provide on the job training.



This team responds quickly to a disaster scene to be there for the survivors.


Communications Team

This team serves to meet the needs of TACCOR and survivors by handling incoming calls for help and managing outgoing information to all parties.


Early Responder Team

This is the core team who is on the scene helping disaster survivors with projects to assist them in salvaging as much as possible of their homes.


Logistics Team

This team works behind the scenes to ensure the other three teams have supplies needed to undertake their team responsibilities.


How you can Help

Donate Funds: I am sure you have heard this before, but money is the most mobile donation you can made as we can use it to respond getting our supplies as close to the disaster as possible, helping that community as well as keeping our logistics for moving supplies to a minimum and shipping costs down.

Donate Other Things: Please see our page dedicated to donations to see how you can help best if you need to donate supplies. Depending on the supplies there are different places we ask you to take the supplies and goods. This will greatly aid us with logistics for handling goods and supplies.

Volunteer: Please complete our volunteer form if you want to help with relief efforts.