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October 2014 Louisiana Storms -

This invitation arrived over the weekend from our South Central Jurisdiction United Methodist Volunteer in Mission Director.  If you can respond please let my office know so we can stay in contact with you. 

“Northeast Louisiana has experienced significant damage due to storms that occurred last week. Starting this week, they will need self-sustaining ERT's (own food and housing, etc.).

If you are able to volunteer please contact Rev. Darryl Tate at


Great Plains Storms -

Efforts are underway to organize for the many volunteers that will be needed during the long-term recovery and rebuild response in the Great Plains Conference.  For current information on how you can respond visit the Great Plains UMC Disaster web page and "like" their facebook page.  Inquiries for long-term rebuilding and recovery can be made to (please use subject Long Term Recovery and Rebuilding)


Volunteers: There is an urgent call for self sustained and trained Early Response volunteers to assist with feeding and field gleaning in Wakefield, Nebraska.  To assist with feeding contact 316-772-6811 and to assist with gleaning contact 402-287-2574.


The June 16th tornado in Pilger follows two recent tornadoes in the Great Plains Conference; Baxter Springs, Kansas on April 27th and Beaver Crossing, Nebraska on May 11th.  To assist with recovery and response efforts in these areas please contact Baxter Springs (Please use Subject Tornado Response) and for Beaver Crossing (Please use Subject Tornado Response).


The Great Plains Conference appreciates the outpouring of prayers, donations, and support, but requests that no further material donations be given at this time.  Please remember that financial needs are ongoing and supporters can donate directly to the Great Plains conference disaster response on-line or they can mail checks marked for #975 to the Great Plains Conference, c/o Topeka Office, P.O. Box 4187, Topeka, KS 66604. Donations can also be made on-line through UMCOR to United States Disaster Response #901670.


Thank you for sharing these appropriate and appreciated responses with your Conferences. Our connection strengthens our response.


BASTROP, TX-  Long Term Recovery Organizations (LTRO's) have been organized in both Bastrop and Spicewood and are moving forward to assist families as they try to gain a new sense of normal.  The task continues to be overwhelming but progress is being made.   We are providing the registration through our web site and Margery Marshall, UMVIM coordinator for the Austin District, is serving as the registrar.   UMVIM teams wishing to work in the recovery effort should register at if they need housing.   Teams who do not need housing should register at

West, TX. Recovery - West is now accepting teams to help with rebuilding homes.  Go to the Central Texas Annual Conference website which takes you directly to the volunteer page and registration.

Sager Brown Depot - Kathy Kraiza is requesting layette, bedding, sewing and school Kits. If you can assist with any of these kits or donate Kit items in bulk, then contact Mike Costello at if you are in the southern part of the conference, or Temple Carpenter if you are in the northern part of the conference.  They will be able to give you advice on where to bring the supplies.


All other areas of the USA


Great Plains Storms - Days ago several tornados created significant damage in the Great Plains Region. See message from our new VIM/Disaster Response director for the South Central Jursdiction:

There was loss of life, injuries, and agricultural and property losses.  I spoke with the Disaster Response Coordinator from the Great Plains Conference, Linda Stewart, this morning.  At this time she is requesting prayers for the families and friends of those who lost their lives, prayers for those who are healing from injuries sustained, and for the many who were affected by the damage.  They are handling early response needs in Conference.  Supporters can provide donations directly to the Great Plains conference disaster response on-line here or they can mail checks marked for disaster response to 9440 E Boston Suite 160, Wichita, KS 67207. Donations can also be made on-line through UMCOR to United States Disaster Response #901670<>.  There will be need for future volunteers and this information will be provided as it becomes available.  Thank you for sharing these appropriate and appreciated responses with your Conferences.  Together we are stronger.


Audrey J. Phelps

Director of VIM & Disaster Response

South Central Jurisdiction

Colorado 2013 Floods - In September, 2013 the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains was hit with heavy rains and disastrous flooding causing loss of life and major damage. Twenty-four counties were impacted, more than 18,000 people were evacuated, approximately 28,000 dwellings damaged and 1,852 homes destroyed. Long Term Recovery Groups have been established in the three hardest hit counties: Boulder, Larimer and Weld. UMCOR and the Rocky Mountain Conference are assisting with funds, staffing and volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help with debris clean up and structure rehab and building.

UMVIM teams who would like to assist beautiful Colorado recover from the devastating floods of 2013 are asked to contact Deb Campbell<>, Rocky Mountain Conference Volunteer Coordinator, 303 532-7563<tel:303%20532-7563>. At this time we are scheduling teams for late spring, summer and fall of 2014. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers, love and support.


MOORE, OK - Reconstruction is now ready.   Go to the Oklahoma Conference website then to the disaster portal.  (VIM website<>).  You also may contact the VIM disaster response office,<>, 405-530-2070;<>, 405-530-2032 to register your team.


Washington State Mudslide:

*   Mother nature still seems to be doing what she does best and is taking care of things herself. The river has cut a new channel, the water is flowing in a well behaved manner and has rejoined the river bed downstream. This dramatically reduces the probability of a catastrophic release of water and consequent flooding.
  *   They are still calling this the rescue/recovery phase while they look for survivors and those that didn't make it.
  *   As we have seen in almost all disasters, there are more unaffiliated volunteers (SUVs) than the communities can handle. They turned away many of them yesterday and have put roadblocks on the roads leading into Darington. Only registered and specialized volunteers are being allowed in the slide area.
  *   There have been no requests for ERT type assistance. Based on the information I have from the media, emergency agencies, people on the ground in Arlington and the VOAD, it is unlikely we will be asked to send ERTs into the area. If we are asked to respond, it will not be any time soon.
I know you are anxious to help. So am I. But, they don't need our support right now. They need people with search and rescue training, heavy equipment operators, chain saw operators, and dog teams.

Ok, so you and I can make a donation right? Yes we can. Please make it a monetary donation and not clothing or household goods. As we often see donations of goods are already creating a problem. The survivors and those affected by the slide need money for the essentials of life - food, gas, utility bills, lodging, etc. They don't need a toaster right now. You can make a donation to the PNW Disaster Relief Fund by sending a check to:
PNW Conference Treasurer
PO Box 13650
Des Moines, WA 98198
If you want your donation to be used only for this event, put Oso Mudslide on the memo line.

Please keep all of those impacted by the mudslide in your prayers.



We are not involved in any disaster relief efforts outside the USA at this time.