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TACCOR, while responding to the needs in Houston from the May floods, continues to stand ready to assist those along the Trinity River as flood waters recede there. Additionally TACCOR ERT and CARE teams are ready for deployment to affected areas as needs are identified both from the prior flooding and what may occur as a result of bad weather moving into Southeast Texas. (Based on current forecasts as of Sunday morning, much more rain could come to Southeast Texas during the next several days resulting in another flooding event.)
We request that if you identify a relief need, they be reported to your local pastor. Local pastors are requested to share relief needs with their district superintendents.  Rev. Scott Moore, Jan Bierwirth, TACCOR District Disaster Response Coordinators, and others will be in contact with all of the district superintendents to gather the lists of needs and facilitate response to those needs.

Rick Carpenter is already on the scene in Walker County watching the Trinity River Flooding situation there. Needs related to that may be sent directly to him, or the district superintendent. Rick has been working on the Trinity River flooding event since it began and continues to assess when the damage assessment stage can begin. Once assessments are in relief teams can be deployed.

Those who wish to help can volunteer. The best way to make your ability to volunteer available at this moment is to call 832-857-2135 and sign up as a volunteer in our relief volunteer database. Kathie Mann and Carol Greenslate are coordinating all of the volunteers.  Those who want to help but are unable to volunteer are asked to consider a cash donation. Do so by going here to make a donation via the web.


July 2nd update

Houston Area Flood

TACCOR is facilitating a MARC (in longhand a Multi-Agency Resource Center) Monday thru Friday next week. The location will be Westbury United Methodist Church (5200 Willowbend Blvd. Houston, TX 77096) and will operate from Noon to 8pm on Monday & Tuesday (the time may change for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).

The purpose of the MARC is to provide information to those affected by the floods (proper identification indicating the attendee lives in an area affected by the floods should be carried to the MARC) about the various agencies that can offer further assistance with the recovery process. Services include to name just a few, packing, muck-out of houses, and rebuilding. For up to date information on what agencies will be there check out the current list.

First Responders and Survivors of the flood alike will have access to emotional help dealing with the floods and the aftermath. Also, some general legal advice will be available to the survivors specific to dealing with flood related issues.

Those survivors who have yet to share specifics of the assistance they need to recover will have an opportunity to do so at the MARC.


TACCOR has activated all available Early Responders to respond to the Houston area to assist with flood relief.  WE ALSO NEED ANY AVAILABLE VOLUNTEERS, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT TACCOR / UMCOR ERT BADGED.  At this time work primarily includes helping homeowners clean out flooded homes and removal of debris.  We have several worksites identified, but we know there are many more out there.


Carol Greenslate is coordinating the TACCOR response in the Houston area and deploying teams as needed.  If you have needs or questions about sending a team or individual volunteers please contact one of the following people:

Survivor Needs Intake Phone, 832-857-2135 (Carol is at this location)
DeWitt Cox, 832-498-4474
Scott Moore, 936-697-2430

Sign up to help with the Houston area flooding.

Van, Texas

Latest news as of the morning of May 21st related to Van, Texas storms over the weekend.

Van is in the process of moving into Recovery.  This will take time since Case Work has to be completed on the homes before construction can begin.  They are hiring Case Managers now, then will train Case workers who will process paperwork for each family.  When the Recovery office is set up with a Volunteer Coordinator (in Van) a notice will be sent out with contact information.  Teams will then go to this contact to reserve dates and receive assignments. We will keep you updated as we proceed through to full recovery. 

In Recovery, teams do not need to be ERT badged and trained.  However, the training will certainly help.  Team leaders will need to organize their team just as they would to any mission site when serving for a few days up to a week.  Housing will be important and more information will be coming. 

TACCOR steps out after the Relief stage as far as putting teams in the field.  We then defer to the Recovery office and the local authorities to work with the teams.  However, we would like to know when you are planning to serve and the Team Leader’s contact information so we can stay in touch. 

Thank you for all that you do. 

Contact Dewitt Cox at or 832-498-4474 or Kathie Mann at


UMCOR handles most international responses. See note from UMCOR on how we can help with the devistating earthquate in Nepal.

As many of you know, an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale struck west of the ancient Nepali capital of Kathmandu, Pokhara, on Saturday 25 April 2015, at 11:41am Nepal local time. It is the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in 81 years.

For those who would like to help with Nepal Relief see the pdf document with more details.

I am also aware that one may text UMCOR to 41444 and then you will receive a link to a donation site where you may select an amount and be able to designate the funds to go for Nepal relief. (Basically it is the same site link above.)