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Communications Team

The Communications Team is a group of a few sub-teams that together deliver information and communications order to TACCOR and those we serve before, during, and after disasters. The overall responsibility for the communications team is to handle income and outgoing information about the disaster. We coordinate efforts closely with the Texas Annual Conference staff to get timely and accurate information out to our congregations around our conference.

TACCOR's communications team is involved with the call center, social media, reporting information about incoming requests for assistance, and providing accurate information to the conference for press releases and much more. This is a dynamic team who is dedicated to ensuring we get the right message out at the right time.


The Call Center Team

Our call center team will provide services for our conference and as requested for other conferences to provide a centralized incoming call facility. This will allow survivors of disasters to call one central number and be transferred to appropriate resources or placed on our case work list for assistance thru TACCOR. The call center will triage the call and as much as possible provide single call resolution to the need. Volunteers can serve on more than just one of the sub-teams.


Technical Team

The technical team will assist the other communications team members by ensuring the computers and phone equipment is operating correctly and set up where it is needed in a timely manner. Volunteers can serve on more than just one of the sub-teams.


Disaster Information Team

The specialists on this team will generally be assigned to attend the PIO meetings in the conferences where we are responding to disasters. They are there to gather accurate information from the source and bring that information back to the communications team leadership and conference. This team will also assist in data compilation and reporting of information that comes in thru the incoming call center. Volunteers can serve on more than just one of the sub-teams.