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While we offer our contact information here, during the time of a disaster if you need assistance please call our call center and they will ensure your get appropriate assistance.


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Directors, Officers, and At Large


Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

Scott Moore

Communications Director

David A. Brooks phone/text 713-429-1487 E-Mail


CARE Team Director

Rev. Noel Denison (832) 541-7480 E-Mail

Logistics Director

Temple Carpenter 903-261-4432 E-Mail

Deputy Director - Logistics

Mike Costello (316) 664-8634 E-Mail


District Disaster Response Coordinators

West District

RIck Carpenter (936) 662-7119 E-Mail


Northwest District

Rev. Alan VanHooser (254) 203-4868 E-Mail


Central North District

Mike Costello (316) 664-8634 E-Mail

Central South District


East District

Karen Jones (409) 382-8218 E-Mail

North District


Southwest District

Alan Miller (281) 704-2377 E-Mail

Southeast District

Rev. Jeffery Stull E-Mail

South District

Rev. Gale Town (281) 482-7535 E-Mail