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TACCOR Documents

Disaster Response Plan and Annex Doccuments

The following documents are the most current version of the disaster plan that TACCOR uses to govern responses to disasters within and outside our conference.

  • Disaster Plan
  • CARE Team
    • CARE Team Taining Manual
  • Communications Annex
    • Call Team Training Manual
  • Early Response Team Annex
    • Early Responder Training Manual
  • Logistics Team Annes
    • Logistics Team Annex
  • TACCOR Vehicle Status

Responder Forms

  • If you are a team applying for a mission within the Texas Conference doing disaster work Volunteer Packet
  • If you are an individual on a team or intending to be included on a team doing disaster work Volunteer Individual Application
  • Medical and Liability Release (If you are an individual serving on a mission in any conference) <File available shortly>
  • Personal Supply Checklist (if you are an individual deploying on a mission in any conference)


Host Church Forms


TACCOR Requests


District & Other Resources

Information to assist each district with responses.

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Other Resources