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Donation of Cash/Checks and Gift Cards

TACCOR accepts monetary donations as well as the donation of gift cards. Cash can be used to then purchase supplies as needed based on the specific needs of the disaster we are working at any given time. Cash can also be stored ready to use when a disaster strikes. Cash is the ultimate donation because it can be turned into whatever is needed at the time of a disaster and because it can be moved electronically it can be at the scene of a disaster instantly.

Donation of anything else.

TACCOR is not set up to accept the donation of supplies and other goods. The logistics of accepting the donation of goods and supplies requires significant manpower and resources that we are using to help those in need instead.

As mentioned above, cash and gift cards are the only donations we can accept at this time. The logistics of handing these items and their supperior ability to meet immediate needs during the time of a disaster is why that is what we accept. Please don't be discouraged to give because we cannot accept goods but instead please share the cash equivelent allowing us to do more with the money than we could if we accepted it as supplies and goods instead.


Monetary Donations

To make monetary donations to TACCOR and Disaster Relief Efforts

Send checks to:
      Texas Annual Conference
      5215 Main St.
      Houston, Tx. 77002

  • Mark the checks for “Disaster Response".
  • Checks may also put in the local church collection plate.