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Early Responder Team

The Early Responder Team (ERT) are the people who make up the core of our responder group helping the disaster survivors. These responders are the ones on the front line helping to put a tarp on the roof or a survivor. They also remove debris from homes and help clean out the muck.

These team members will typically deploy out of their own town (or city) for a three work day mission which could lead to 5 days and 4 nights away from home. Some teams go for a shorter time while other teams are near enough they deploy for a long day of work. The teams are typically ready to be self sustaining while on deployment.

These team members typically have a sense of adventure and a strong will to help others in need. They enjoy being the hands and feet of Christ to the Survivors of disasters. Again these are all volunteer teams. Each individual team typically contains a mix of skill sets in order to allow the team to accomplish more as a team.