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TACCOR's Core Teams

Early Responder Teams

The Early Responder Teams are the individuals who come together and go out into the field to help those who need help with such things as tarping a roof, removal of trees from their cars and houses, and mucking out houses. For more information on the Early Responder Team and how you can help read more here.

To join either the new or re-certification training classes. please look at training block on the left. Please let us know by contacting the assigned contact person for the course if you will need the thumb drive or printed book, see below for more on thumb drive.

One may sign up for any of the classes by clicking here.

Anyone can become ERT certified. Sign up for the course, attend the full class and pass the quiz at the end and you will earn your ERT badge and have a nice ERT t-shirt to take home with you. Lunch is provided during the class.

To take the re-certification course current certification is required or prior certification expiring within the recent past. Contact the assigned contact person for the course to discuss your specific circumstances.

Important for both new and re-cert students, if you plan to take the class and accept a thumb drive as your course material, it's useful to bring a computer to view the material during class. Note the thumb drive costs TACCOR significantly less to produce so we pass the savings along to the student. Course with Thumb Drive is $20 and course with paper manual is $30. (Only $10 and $20 respectively if doing the re-cert course.)

Attendees need to take and pass Safe Sanctuary and complete a background check form signed off by their local church or district. Each church typically has their own background form which should be completed and signed off by the local church.

ERT Leader Training

TACCOR, your disaster management committee, and Partners in Mission have teamed up to present a one and a half hour course on Early Response Team Leadership. This will be presented in a webinar conducted on Saturday, November 3 from 10 am to 11:30. The purpose is to pass along experience from those who have lead these missions to others who might be intimidated by the rapid deployment procedures requested of ERT. This course will also serve well for those ERT wishing to lead PIM Recovery Rebuilding Teams as the procedures and personnel are quite similar. The only prerequisite is that participants be ERT trained and badged as this course will require knowledge of information established in the basic ERT course. Register online at: http://taccortraining.eventbrite.com

Leader Training Manual in pdf format

TACCOR Disaster Response Directory


CARE Teams

CARE teams are specially trained teams who provide spiritual assistance out in the field where survivors of disasters come together.

Upcoming Training Sessions:

None Scheduled

Communications Team

The communications team provides 24x7 support to TACCOR making sure we can provide accurate and timely information before, during, and after disasters to the Texas Annual Conference Churches and Congregations as well as the various members of TACCOR and volunteers supporting TACCOR.

Upcoming Training Sessions:

None Scheduled


Logistics Team

The Logistics team is part of the background support who help provide our early responder teams by ensuring they have the supplies they need to do their jobs in the field. The logistics team will work at centralized locations and may also be in the field as the needs dictate.

Upcoming Training Sessions:

None Scheduled


Safe Sanctuary Training

Safe Sanctuary Training is part of the required training for all volunteers on any team. You can expedite your other training by completing this course and printing your certificate to take with you to any other training courses you may attend.


More info on our Teams

To learn more about the teams and what each does, please click here.